Lizzy Crispin headed the committee that led Leonardo Da Vinci High School to become the first and only Blue Ribbon high school in Buffalo, New York.

Overall, fatalities on the job rose 5.7%. The rise in fatal occupational injuries from 2021 to 2022 is “alarming and unacceptable” to the AFL-CIO.
Her students voted her National Honor Society Teacher of the Year, in recognition of her work in the classroom.
The Israel-Gaza war is distressing, and children and teens may be wondering why this violence is occurring and what else will happen in the future.
Kids have an ability to see through a lot, including through you. They know when you’re on their side. We are more than ever a partner with our families in educating a child.

Every National Principals Month, AFSA expresses its gratitude by highlighting outstanding school leaders.

“Who are you?” a 4-year-old boy asked Sedrick Smith when he and his little classmates entered the principal’s office on a recent pre-K tour of Fallstaff Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore. 

In addition to being principal at Fallstaff, Dr. Smith is an adjunct professor of education at Loyola University Maryland and a writer who has been published in The Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Tribune and various scholarly journals. 

The number of public school book bans across the country increased by 33% in the 2022–23 school year compared with the 2021–22 school year.